Daramic LLC Presents at the 15th Annual Asian Battery Conference (ABC) Conference in Singapore

October 12th, 2013

Daramic LLC, a Polypore International, Inc. Company, attended the 15th Annual Asian Battery Conference (ABC) that took place at the Shangri-La hotel in Singapore in September. As the Principle Partner of the event, Daramic displayed DuraLife® Separators in the exhibit space. DuraLife® separators are used for Conventional and Start-Stop batteries. Daramic also introduced its DuraLife® Technology InstalledTM Campaign, which supports lead acid battery industry leaders in differentiating their products from other manufacturers that do not utilize DuraLife® Separators.

In addition to exhibiting at ABC, Kevin Whear, Daramic’s Vice President of Technology, presented a technology paper entitled, “The Uniqueness of the Asian Market & the Resultant Novel Separators”. In this presentation, Mr. Whear discussed the future trends of lead acid batteries in Asia.

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